News > 02/09/2009 Iota tour 2009 - F5KKD move to EU048


Hello everybody,

After EU070, EU068 we 'll be on EU048 for our iota tour 2009.

A team of operators from F5KKD (Sevran) and F6KPQ (Lanester) radioclub 'll
be on EU048 Belle Ile.

CW activitie :
For CW operator we'll be on the air from 4 september 22H loc on 40/80m
to 7 september (final call @12H loc on CW), we hope to listen you (Misho YU3FX 'll be on station control so you don't have to respect speed limit ;)).
The main aim is to discover CW for F0/F4 operators ;)


3 stations 'll be active simultaneous :
-> SSB THF for the contest IURA VHF :F0FHZ,F0EUL, F4EYR.
This team 'll be only on band 50, 144 and 432Mhz (8-20H) we hope a good opening on 50MHZ because last year we have a pooor antenna now it's better).

-> SSB 10/12/15/17/20/40/80 : Another team for this part, F4EYR(during night), F4EYQ (80M/40M 2 to 4 AM) and F4FFZ (pileup specialist on 20M) 'll be on the air.

->PSK31 / RTTY / SSTV : dedicated station for digital : F4EYQ

We hope to contact you, a special surprise for all HF band contact ;)
and also on THF (very difficult :) .

73 The gull team.

More information :

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