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Hello Everybody,

We've happy to announce the new version of Crxlogbook after 1 year of coding.

CRX-Logbook is the first logbook for radioamator and amator -radio oriented full web, with CAT system support and various functionnality : DXCluster, locator calcul, callsign completion, logs process, log publication on Internet.

Control your logbook what ever your location, simply put it on a computer linked on Internet with DNS client like LINUX, WINDOWS or MAC os.

What the news ?

- Control your transceiver, for the moment all yaesu are supported and standard CAT.

- Plugin for transceiver control : you can create your own CAT driver (we search ICOM php developer :) ).

- Radio station definition, multiple stations possible.

- Propagation and dxcluster CRX is now ready and control via webservice so it is not nessecary to go on CRXCLUSTER to send info, simply clic on your logbook :)

- Move QSO to another log (imagine you've done mistake when input QSO ...).

- Band map editor (define default frequency).

- Log input templates optimisation (for Dx activities/ Contests ...).

- Multi-windows support (detach your log view, your input log form from main windows !

- Log import / export various format : ADIF1/2, XML, CSV.

- Notepad to write info about a QSO for example.

What the project ?

- We search developper php/css (to create new graphical theme)...

- And traductor : italian / spanish support for the logbook.

73 The Web team

Any info, remarques, observations, go to the forum

Download it !

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