Welcome on 11M DXCLUSTER CRX.


The main aim of the project "CRXCluster" is to purpose innovative tools open to 11 meters, PMR, CB, amators radio.

The cluster implements anyway protocol DXTelnet which makes it compatible with all logbooks (logger32 for example).

It also purpose an "interconnection" system for Dxcluster 11M wich work in WEB mode only (via robot system like a search engine).

Good Dx with CRX!

The CRX team.

Month Dx Events

Start of eventTitleCallsign
23/0514IR/MILL27013 - Moulin de Pie...Micka IR102 et ...kontact_summary_green
22/05ACTIVATION 14CEC SPECIAL ISS T...14CECkontact_summary_green
16/051SA/VE276 1SA109 Steven ,...kontact_summary_green
14/0551CI/DX - Andorra51CI101 Diegokontact_summary_green
13/0530MR/MM - Monastery of La Murt...kontact_summary_green

Dx Events always on the air

Start of eventTitleCallsign
24/0414FDX/TP - Thomas Pesquet14FDX062 Vincen...kontact_summary_green
23/04204PAT/DX - Mozambique204PAT101 Alber...kontact_summary_green
15/0414SD/Mill30013 - Moulin de Sai...14SD045 Valéri...kontact_summary_green
01/0414IR/FRA448 - Richard Lighthou...14IR133 Olivierkontact_summary_green
01/031SD/Roma150by DX Rome Teamkontact_summary_green

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